Paul McCartney on DVD: 26 March 1976

A. Title: .
Location: Aéroport, Le Bourget. Country. France.
Date: Friday 26 March 1976. Aired: Friday 26 March 1976.

Jörg Pieper writes that 0:20 of the McCartneys' arrival was included
in that evening's current affairs program on French channel FR3.

Source: [Currently unavailable.]

B. Title: Les rendez-vous du dimanche.
Location: Pavillon de La Villette, Paris. Country: France.
Date: Friday 26 March 1976. Aired: Sunday 28 March 1976.

The concert clips featured in this report are silent.

Source: F-400. [Unbootlegged.] (3:57)

My thanks to Jörg Pieper for correcting the title of this program.

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