George Harrison on DVD: 1996 (1/3)

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Info posted on the FocalJet forum states that George’s McLaren F1 (chassis #025, painted dark purple pearl)
was built in 1994. "The story goes that the color of his car was matched against an aubergine (eggplant) and,
for quite a long time, it was believed that his car was actually chassis #016, listed as being finished in aubergine."

The earliest footage of George driving his car comes from a June 1994 sequence seen in the US broadcast
of The Beatles Anthology but not included on the video or DVD releases. The captures below were evidently
taped much later, as George didn’t have long hair in 1994. He let it grow from late 1995 through early 1998.
My thanks to fellow collector John M., who pointed me in the right direction.

Source: Any Road

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