Paul McCartney on DVD: 19 June 2007

A. Title: Memoryalmostfull.
Location: . Country: England.
Date: . Aired: Tuesday 19 June 2007.

A subsection of Paul McCartney’s official website, You Tell Me was launched on this date.
Over the course of the next few weeks, it featured clips from a promotional interview Paul conducted sometime in May
(in one such excerpt, he mentions that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released "forty years ago today, almost."),
split into nearly forty pieces, some of which were still being posted on the site as late as August.

In addition to answering questions, Paul plays acoustic renditions of "Ever Present Past", "Feet in the Clouds",
"That Was Me" and "Vintage Clothes" from his new album as well as "Twenty Flight Rock" and "Blue Moon"
(because of the fragmented nature of this video, I cannot ascertain the order in which these were played).

Source: PM-036-D. "Full of Memory, Vol. 2" (Fab) (32:08). PM-037-D. "Full of Memory, Vol. 3" (Fab) (5:23).
PM-000-F. [Unbootlegged.] (0:07). PM-000-F. [Unbootlegged.] (0:09)

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